Many Americans believe that fast food can only be purchased at a drive thru. The food is greasy and over processed but the service is fast and cheap. I made this video because I believe there is such a thing as fast food that is wholesome and fresh. I showed this in my video by speeding up the original video to really emphasize the "fast."

made in adobe premier


I made this video to bring awareness to the abuse of fast food in America. I wanted to use bright colors and sound to get the viewers attention. People in today's society have to much of an emotional attachment to food and we need to "chop" that habit and "cut" the feelings. Blinded with the constraints of time, people in today's society are so rushed and busy that they forget to feed their bodies with real food and in consequence end up eating fast food because it's easy. It only takes a minute to eat whole foods that support the body for now and for the future of the body. Don't eat fast food, eat real food. 

made in adobe after effects